Joining The Site

  • Make your OOC account before anything else, using whatever name you'd like us to call you by! You'll be able to link all your IC accounts together via this main account.
  • Use your character's name to sign them up with, whether it's their full name, first name, or a nickname. Please capitalize the first letter of their name, just as you would the first letter of their name anywhere else.
  • Pets are not allowed to accompany your character upon arrival. Don't worry, you will soon bond more than enough new companions!
  • Please keep only be one character per account! You may have as many characters as you want, however, so long as they each have a seperate account!
  • There are some limits on characters, though not many. Please keep to a vaguely humanoid shape, and only moderately large in size.
  • While taking inspiration from other media is fine, please do not lift a character whole-sale. Playing a wizard from Hogwarts is fine, playing Hermione is not.
  • Also, please make your character's profile and post it in the appropriate place before anything else. We'd like to know who they are when we interact with them!

General Rules

  • Whazzit has a PG-13 atmosphere. While some swearing and violence is acceptable, for anything excessive/graphic/explicit keep it to private messaging or a separate clearly labeled M-rated board.
  • This goes extra for the cbox as well. The cbox is a very public area, and the first impression many will have, so keep it clean.
  • Comments and concerns about site matters are also not appropriate for the cbox; we're likely to miss them there, after all. Post them in the appropriate forum only. Do not post your personal problems unless you want everyone to see and comment on them; those are better off being brought to the admins in private messaging.
  • Anyone who causes repeated problems (whether specifically breaking any of the rules or otherwise causing trouble for the site or any of the members) will receive a warning followed by being removed from the site, or if the problems are severe enough deleted outright.
  • Just a word for the wise, here: Be courteous. Take things lightly. Have a good sense of humor. In Whazzit, there's not a lot of ultra serious going on. *tickles*

Bonding Rules

  • The most important rule is simply to be polite and civil OOC as always.
  • If someone bonds the shiny you wanted, you are free to ask the holder why (again, politely), but they are not obligated to tell you the reasons they chose their bonds. The bond holder should in turn at least reply to say as much that they aren't going to explain if that's the case.
  • When joining a bonding, you agree to play by the holder's rules, and to allow them a limited amount of power-playing via the environment and shinies. Unless they say otherwise, this same power does not belong to you. If there is something you don't like about how they are running their thread, you are not required to join or stay.
  • If something is bothering you about a bonding and you don't feel comfortable approaching the holder about it, please message one of the admins and we will do our best to get things settled.
  • When naming your shiny almost anything goes, but in keeping in line with the rest of the site's atmosphere, if you attempt to name your shiny anything derogatory or using swearing in English, you will be asked to change it.
  • A bondholder may re-bond shinies at their discretion any time on the final day of the naming period, so be aware that if you must wait until then they may not give you all the way to 11:59pm!
  • It is at each bondholder's discretion whether to want to allow multiple characters from the same member to attend a bonding or not. Please respect any rules the bondholder puts in place regarding this (and anything else!).

Chasing Rules

  • Only PC (bonded) shinies may be used to start a chase.
  • NPCs may join any active chase unless the person holding the chase says otherwise.
  • You may only hold one chase at a time. There is no limit to how many you can join!
  • Chases, like bondings, have a maximum two-week post deadline each round for the person holding the chase, or else it will be locked and removed!
  • "Speedchases" are any chase that are intended to have a limited number of rounds and end within a few hours of being started.
  • If the winner of a chase doesn't claim their win in two weeks, they will lose their BPSP, but everyone else who participated will receive theirs regardless.

Gifting Rules

  • You may send someone a shiny at any time if you have the BPSP! They cost the same as any other redemption and should also be sent to XXX.
  • Gifts are not allowed to be mutant. They must be named by the person gifting them in order to be redeemed.
  • Just like their BPSP, they are redeemed the same as all other shinies with the following format depending on how they appear on the masterlist:
    Species Rank (Gender) Name -- Recipient's Name
    For example, if you want to buy Maeko an Arathli, you would format it as:
    Arathli Mistral Johnny -- Maeko

Mutant Shinies

  • A mutant is any shiny that varies from their database species or rank: different colors, sizes, designs, personalities, and any other things that permanently change their physical features. You can probably get away with a small shoulder marking, but not one that extends all across the back and sides, etc.
  • If you really want shinies to do something or be some different in some way, decorations and accessories are often a good alternative to making mutants. Have an Ailoa that uses hair dye on it's fur instead of one that's naturally cyan and magenta, or have your Psyder find a flying toy broom it uses to get around instead of having strange levitating powers itself.
  • Losing a limb, tail, wing, ear, et cetera are not considered mutations. Being born with three legs etc, additional legs etc, or having some kind of magical or technological replacement without approval is considered a mutation.
  • As far as appearance goes, there are many freedoms we don't care about! Unless the database describes the eye colours specifically, you can have whatever eyes you like, so your Zanjur Kal'daka better have turquoise eyes, but your Damien Familiar can have brown like his rank or blue or black or anything at all. Likewise, if something is supposed to be blue, as long as it's any shade of blue from near-black to indigo to blue-green to azure, you're good to go! Just don't make it pine green or magenta and it'll be fine. The same goes for patterns; unless it's specified, you can assume you have free reign. Thus, as long as that Zanjur has her rank identifying marks in silver and the rest of her fur is light greys, that fur can have whatever swirls or stripes or shades you see fit to give her.
  • Other small tweaks are fine as well; there's a reason most of the Database is written in generalities and majorities, not absolutes! You can have one Kunzite Celeste Cat in your litter who is braver than the rest, or an Albino Asid that's on the short side, so long as it isn't smaller than a Risen! Body shapes are yours to play with otherwise, tall or short, fat or thin and so forth!
  • Anything that isn't a permanent change is fine for the duration of a bonding. Your Nogards can be twenty stories tall if you want to wreak adorable havoc, as long as they shrink once they bond to people afterwards.
  • The more shinies you want to be mutant in a bonding and the more outlandish you want those mutations to be, the less likely we are to approve something. Small markings or alterations will probably pass; an entirely green Azawakh is dubious unless you have a good reason. Similarly, a Faern Kal'daka that can also freeze water might get by since he's a wizard, but a whole ambush of Seraphelines with x-ray vision who can shoot fireballs and lightning for no reason is going to be harder to convince us to pass.
  • All that said, it never hurts to ask! Always message us if you have any questions about what is or isn't allowed. You'll be happier if you ask ahead of time than if you assume and we find out later and force you to change it.

Activity Check

  • You have 6 months to successfully complete a board that has started AFTER Xxxx Xst, 2020. You only need meet one of the following requirements:
    -- Start and hold a bonding or speedbonding to completion
    -- Join and stay in a bonding or speedbonding to completion (regardless of if you bond)
    -- Start and hold a chase to completion
    -- Join and stay in a chase to completion
  • Every 6 months we will post an activity check board. All you have to do is post there with a link to any thread that meets the requirements. If you cannot do so, contact one of the admins and we will post it for you.
  • You may have an exception as long as you request it before the activity check ends according to the dates mentioned above, which we will post a reminder of two weeks before it comes around. You will not be allowed to be exempt twice in a row.
  • Members newer than 4 months at the start of the activity check are automatically safe, as they may not have had time to get settled and complete anything yet.
  • Anyone else who does not post in the activity check thread will be deleted, regardless of how long they have been a member or how active they had been up until that point, no matter how much we hate to do so!

Deleted Members Looking to Rejoin

  • If you have been deleted, your character is always welcome back; however, there are some reservations concerning shinies.
  • When you rejoin you will be at 0 PSP again. In order to receive your shinies back, message XXX once you reach the Apprentice rank with 10 PSP. Include a list of all your shinies and proof you bonded them, either an archived list or the names of two current members to vouch for your shinies (make sure you ask them first!).
  • If you rejoin as a different character, you do not get any of your old shinies returned to you. You may always redeem with your BPSP for lost shinies, however!


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